Cleaning Up Your House Before You Sell

First impressions last…

The market value of your house could be undermined by rubbish in and around your home. Rubbish creates an atmosphere of disorder and chaos and will lead potential homebuyers to assume that you have neglected your house.

Preparing to sell your house before putting it on the market could be easy and cost-effective. Firstly get rid of all the rubbish in and around your house by throwing some of it away or boxing it up for your move. Buyers would be impressed by the open, ample, clarified and neat appearance of your home because in this case less is definitely more.

Some steps to consider:

The front garden

  • Mow your lawn, cut the edges and get rid of any rubbish lying around for example hoses or tools.
  • Try to fertilise your lawn in advance to create an evenly growing, green look.
  • Trim or remove all your old plants and trees, especially the dead ones or those covering your windows.
  • Plant some new flowers to create a caring atmosphere in your garden.

The entry to your home

  • Thoroughly observe your welcome mat and your front door to see if it needs cleaning or if you have to replace it.
  • Now concentrate on the walls of your homes’ entrance. Can it be cleaned or does it need some painting? Do away with as much dirty spots, cracks, stains and spider webs as possible.
  • Remove any other rubbish lying around and create a comely focal point by placing a pot of fresh flowers or a painting at the entrance.

The Kitchen

  • Specialised attention must be given to the kitchen.
  • Remove everything from the counters or working-space and only add a few decorative items to create a cosy atmosphere.
  • Remove any rubbish bins from the kitchen, place them outside and out of sight.
  • Organise and clean all your cupboards.
  • Fix up all worn-out cupboards or add a fresh look by putting up some new handles.

Lounges and other living spaces

  • Remove some furnisher and other pieces of equipment to create a more spacious appearance.
  • Place the remaining furniture carefully without blocking windows or doorways.
  • Again choose one or two focal points and reduce your personal items, plants and photographs to enable the new buyers to picture or imagine their personal belongings in that specific setting.
  • Experiment with the lighting in the room and see if natural light through windows or lamps creates the bigger and cosier look.


  • Remove some furnisher to create a spacious look.
  • Use your best duvet-covers or buy new ones you can also use in your new home.
  • Simplify bedrooms by taking down some personal items like photos or posters and packing them in boxes, with only a few remaining to create a personal touch.


  • Bathrooms should always look spotlessly clean and fresh.
  • Put all toothbrushes, combs, brushes, soaps or toilet brushes out of sight.
  • Personal belongings like jewellery or medicine must also be removed and placed in a safe keeping.
  • Use only a few decorative items and put some new towels out that can also be the focal point.

Follow these guidelines and you will be sure to get more and better offers on your house when you decide to sell.

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