Home Loan Applications

Let Someone Else Take Care Of It

Finding a house that has the potential to become your home sweet home can be a nightmare. Finding a home loan to finance a place that you can call your own can be even worse. With the vast number of home loan application alternatives that are currently available on the market, it is a daunting task to decide on the option best suited for your needs – and your pocket.

Is that what you thought? Now think again. SecuBond do all the hard work for you! It is now easier, quicker and even cheaper than ever to get the home loan of your choice, at the bank of your choice. Now you can relax and spend all your energy on house hunting, without having to worry about financing.

SecuBond takes care of everything concerning your home loan application. You don’t even have to waste time filling out long and complicated paper work. The only thing expected from you is to provide the required documentation such as identification, pay slips and proof of other existing home loans and they will see to it that you get the best deal on the market – without having to move so much as your little finger.

If you are thinking about taking out a home loan, contact a SecuBond consultant as soon as possible. Explain your needs, sit back and see how things happen for you. SecuBond does home loan applications at all four major banks – ABSA Bank, First National Bank, NedBank and Standard Bank – on your behalf. That is, if you wish. You can limit the application-field to your specific requirements as well. They compare the results and use their expert knowledge to decide which home loan offers the best options for your unique desires. SecuBond Mortgage Originators are true specialist when it comes to home loans. They can serve as a soundboard for your home loan complaints and assist you with professional help and advice when needed.

But why is it cheaper to use SecuBond when finding a home loan? As a business who deals with home loan applications everyday, SecuBond has more competing power than an individual. This competing power enables SecuBond Mortgage Originators to obtain a better rate for you – saving you money to spend on that dream house.

What is more, when borrowing more money on your existing mortgage, the money gets paid directly into your bank account. Letting SecuBond work for you is not only smarter and economical, it also allows you better financing of a private buy. It is more flexible to negotiate when you have cash in hand and SecuBond gives you exactly this. In other words, SecuBond has the competing power, but you get the bargaining power!

Which home loan applications are available at SecuBond? As said, you have a choice whether they should apply at all four of the biggest national banks or only at some of them. If you are a first or second time buyer, you should apply for a loan to buy a new property. Looked around, did not find anything that interests you and now want to build the perfect place? No problem, SecuBond also handles building loans. Or do you want to stay exactly where you are, but make some changes to your current home? Also no problem! SecuBond can organise financing for home improvements as well. Do you have additional debts? Why not consider SecuBond’s option to take out one loan to cover all your other debts? Speak to the knowledgeable team at SecuBond about the advantages of debt consolidation. You can even arrange for motor finance when buying a new or used car.

When thinking about a home loan application, using SecuBond is the best thing you can do.

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